No Limits

What are the limits you are placing on yourself?

If you have 20, or 30 or 50 pounds to lose, do you have the expectation that it will happen?

Your answer either way guarantees nothing, but having the expectations of success will likely create the action that leads to it.

Conversely if you expect nothing you will surely receive it.

Don’t let that voice in your head limit what you can do. It is just as easy to tell yourself you can do it as it is to tell yourself you can’t.

I tell myself I can’t only when what I really mean is I don’t want to.

The quote below sums up why I love being a coach:

“If we can help just one person refuse to accept false limits, we’ve made a contribution. If we can give people the education, the tools and the access they need to reach their goals, we’ve made a difference. And if we can help erase the systemic stories, traditions and policies that push entire groups of people to insist on less, we’ve changed the world. ” – Seth Godin

No limits.

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