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  • Opening July 2017: ProCoach Nutrition Coaching for Men and Women

Opening July 2017:

ProCoach Nutrition Coaching for

Men and Women​

By Dean Carlson, Pn2 and Nancy Carlson, Pn2

Want help with your nutrition goals? Working hard in the gym but still not seeing the results you want? You are definitely in the right place. For only the second time in 2017 we are getting ready to open up to a small group of men and women committed to looking and feeling great. Over the course of 12 months we show them how to get into the best shape of their lives...and stay that way.


Over the past 10 years our partners at Precision Nutrition have tested ProCoach with over 50,000 clients, and we use ProCoach every day to help people just like you get off the diet bandwagon.

Check out this short video to see what ProCoach clients are saying:

Ready to become the healthiest version of you? Feel and look better? The time is now.

On Wednesday, June 28 we're opening registration for the next ProCoach Coaching program for men and women.

And we have some great news.

We'll be offering the program to those on our presale list at $30 off the regular monthly cost of ProCoach.

But the best part?

You'll get a personal world-class nutrition coach (one of us), and with our support you'll learn how to:

  • Eat better, without feeling deprived
  • Get active, no matter what shape you are in now.
  • Get rid of "food rules", fad diets, and conflicting advice.
  • Make fitness work with your life, not try to jam it in where it just won't fit.
  • Achieve and maintain your progress, even when "life happens".

​The payoff can be huge. You'll:

  • Lose the fat that has stuck around for years
  • Get stronger and more confident in your body.
  • Gain mental confidence, revealing the whole person you are, with all your gifts and talents
  • Cut through the food confusion, and learn how to decide what's best for you
  • Get off the diet bandwagon, once and for all.

Picture this. A life where you...

...feel physically and mentally strong, ready to tackle the adventure of everyday life without worrying that you will be too tired or out of shape.

...can run around and play with your kids and grandkids, without being so wiped out you can't get up the next day.

...look forward to booking a beach vacation without stressing about how you will look in that swimsuit, and just enjoy the sun and fun.

...look at pictures of yourself and not wonder "who is that person, and when did they start looking like that?"

We have been right there with you, and we have both personally been through the ProCoach program. We had such tremendous results, which is why we invested in and implemented ProCoach into our nutrition coaching practice.

You are probably wondering how the program works.

Watch this short video. It details exactly what you can expect from ProCoach Nutrition Coaching for Women.

And this one details exactly what you can expect from ProCoach Nutrition Coaching for Men.

Health and fitness needs to fit your life, not the other way around.

We get it: life can get really crazy.

Kids, work, aging parents, keeping up with chores around the house. It really never ends. And that leads us to believe we just don't have time to take care of us.

We get that, we live that. Which is why we aren't like the rest of the so-called fitness experts.

We show you how to make health and fitness work with your life, no matter what else is going on around you.

Have you ever tried a "diet", been really excited about it, and then found out it just doesn't work in real life? Who designs these things anyway?

We think a good nutrition plan is one that stands up when life is at Defcon 5 - during the absolute worst day you can think of, not when life is all rosy. (when is that anyway?)  🙂

And reading from a book or following an online plan doesn't work either when the kids are cranky, your boss was a jerk, and you were tied up in traffic for two hours on the way home.

You'll probably not want to cook for 2 hours with fresh organic ingredients hand picked from your backyard raised garden beds.

We help prepare you for those days.​

We'll bring the accountability and guidance it takes for you to remain consistent. We'll review your progress, answer questions, and make adjustments and/or recommendations to help you improve. A little tap on the shoulder if you start to slide back into old habits. Help to get past each hurdle along the way.

That's the Power of Coaching.

That's the Power of ProCoach Nutrition Coaching.

Excited about what's possible?