Pain and Pleasure

Usually we are spurred into action by Pain.

It’s a swift kick in the butt when you look at that family photo and don’t recognize the fat guy, until you realize it is you (my life story).

But after awhile pain doesn’t work anymore. The picture is forgotten about eventually.

So what’s going to keep you going to the gym, and eating healthy food, forever?

It’s the Pleasure that is derived from knowing that those activities are going to keep my fit and trim, happy and healthy.

How close are you to finding pleasure instead of being driven by pain?

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Coach Dean

Former Fat Boy Turned Health and Fitness Junkie. Award Winning Fitness Business Owner and Trainer. World Class Nutrition Coach. Truth Teller. Scholar. Opinionated. Humble and Willing To Tell You About It. Tell Dean He Is Full Of It On Any Of His Social Media Profiles. He Will Probably Agree.

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