Prepare Yourself to Fight Against Binge Eating

Northwest Indiana famously gets a lot of snow. Growing up there, though, no one really freaked out about it because we had machines to get rid of it and the attitude that it was hardly a problem worth hyperventilating over.

Most problems are like that. When we prepare for them and get used to them, they're not problems anymore. They're merely the way it is.

After my "True Admission" earlier this week, our plan to rewind your day is one way of finding the true source of our binge eating or emotional eating.

Once we find that source, look to see if it creeps into life over and over like snow does in Indiana (or New Hampshire!). Once you can see its varying forms, you don't have to hyperventilate over it anymore, and you don’t have to eat your way through it.

Remember, no one is perfect at this. Even after you realize your tendencies, we still practice over and over at getting better at overcoming it or just handling it. Take the small steps today to just find the challenge. The next step is not to overcome it all in one day, but to take small steps to prepare for it next time.

To Your Best Health,
Coach Nancy

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