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It's Not About Finding the "Right Diet".

You've Tried That, Over and Over.

Never Again.

No More Guilty.

No More Complicated Plans.

Coaches to support you who have been there.

If you feel like nothing is ever going to "work", let's do something different. Let's stop searching for perfect, and find what you can do.

Coaches that meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go.

Without dieting, counting calories, or eating food from a box. Learn to eat for life, while you are living yours.

What Women Are Saying

Mary Beth

“I can manage the incremental changes without feeling too stressed out.”

“I appreciate the little by little approach you are taking with us. I can manage the incremental changes without feeling too stressed out, and I'm slowly shifting to better eating without the panic alarm going off in my brain.

I'm eating so much less than I have been for about a year, and I can see some pounds have slowly dropped as well."

Mary Beth Magan

"I have learned so much about my relationship with food."

"Hunger is not an emergency, and waiting to eat until I'm truly hungry helps me to make better choices, eat slower, and really enjoy the taste of my food. I've learned that I am an emotional eater way more than I thought I was....still working on that!

I'm continuing to train myself to make the right choices and when I eat healthy, it's amazing how much better I feel and function, both physically and emotionally."

Deb Peets

“I can be successful with this.”

"I can't even fully express the difference it makes to have "permission" to be less than perfect with this process. I have done more than my fair share of starving and bingeing as a result of trying to be the perfect eater. It is unsustainable and makes me miserable. I can be successful at this.

This is a big change for me.”

Mary Delude

Stop Dieting.

Start  Living.

Do you really want to start another diet? How come they seem like the answer in the book or on TV, but don't work in your life?

Truth is you don't need another diet, you need someone to help you when you get stuck.

When the kids, or the spouse or the job are taking priority, how do you find time to take care of you?

That's the power of a coach.

Be confident. You don't have to do it alone.

Here's What You Get

  • A structured year-long program that guides you to mastering your nutrition habits.
  • An expert coach to support you, give you feedback, and make adjustments to your program in order to keep you moving forward and making progress.
  • Strategic daily nutrition practices that meet you where you are and keep you accountable.
  • An online progress tracker that helps both you and your personal coach verify progress and adjust if needed.
  • Real Results. If after completing the program you aren't happy, we will give you a full refund.

Here's What You Don't

  • A quick-fix "lose 30 pounds in 90 days" promise that leaves you less healthy than when you started.
  • A "guru" who thinks they have all those answers, but can't help you work through your the daily challenges life throws your way, and tells you to "try harder".
  • A rigid "diet" that relies on rules, special foods, and strict compliance to make progress.
  • A DVD, book, or online program that makes you figure it all out by yourself, and if you can't, you are stuck.
  • Empty Promises. If I only had a dollar for every time someone told me that this diet, or pill, or shake plan was the solution!

An Investment In You

Women are different than men when it comes to taking time for themselves.  We see it over and over again. You put others before you. It's just what you do; really it's who you are. And we get it.

What we love doing is showing you how to take care of yourself without feeling guilty, or like someone else is not getting your attention. Step-by-step. No overwhelm.

Don't keep waiting for the "perfect" time you know will probably never come. Invest in you today.

Call me today.


P.S. Because of the success we have had with this approach and the hands on nature of this service, I only accept a limited number of clients.

Call me right away at (​603) 344-2651 if you realize finding a properly trained coach is where you need to start.

"I truly believe, that unless coached, people never reach their maximum capabilities" Bob Nardelli CEO - The Home Depot​

Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S.:: Healthy, sustainable weight-loss is not easy, but it is achievable. Our passion is coaching people just like you get off the diets and start living life. It takes commitment, and yes, hard work, but we are there every step of the way. I look forward to talking to you soon as we begin this adventure together!