Inspiration and guidance to get your nutrition and fitness back on track. 

Need a little "nudge" to get back on track? These menu planning and preparation products are for you.

Smoothie 101 Recipe Book

Direct from our "Smoothie 101" hands on workshop, this beautifully illustrated guide shows you our 5-step process for creating nutritios and tasty smoothies and shakes. You'll learn how to craft a complete "meal-in-a-glass", perfect for those busy days and when you are on the go.

Also included are 26 of of our favorite smoothie recipes, with tastes like:

  • Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut Special
  • Apple Pie
  • Almond Joy
  • Tropical Nirvana
  • Even recipes for Popsicles and Maple Sugar Hot Chocolate!

You don't have to settle for store bought smoothies and juices, which are usually full of sugar and ingredients whose names we can't pronounce. Get your "Smoothie 101" Recipe and Guidebook for only $7 today!

​Sugar Free Me

The goal of Sugar Free Me is ambitious. To give you the education, resources and support you need to overcome your addiction to sugar and carbs, and regain control of your life!

Now some of you may think I am going overboard with the word "addiction". After all while we know eating too much sugar isn't great for us, does it really reach that level? Evidence suggests it can, as sugar has been shown to stimulate the same pleasure centers of the brain as some drugs.

I don't think it's any big secret that sugar and sweets are a big "go-to" when we are stressed, or tired, or lonely. The kick of dopamine that sugar gives us can lead to a very destructive cycle, actually altering our neural pathways , and it's also no secret the cycle of sugar addiction can be hard to beat.

Sugar Free Me is a 28-day step-by-step education, accountability, and strategy course that helps you understand the root causes of sugar addiction, how to address them to create your plan of action, and help you kick the cycle of eating excess sugar.