Sharing is Caring…About Yourself

Have you ever set a goal, and then just kept it to yourself?

Did you reach that goal?

I have done it a hundred times. I set a goal, but then I just kinda kept it to myself. Less pressure that way, you know?

That was a bad plan for me, and I am guessing it wasn’t too helpful for you either.

In our latest challenge, S3 VIP, my team shared their goals with me, and many shared them with the entire team.

On top of that, we kept track of our progress and shared our successes too.

Turns out that sharing your progress is one of the best things you can do.

Check out this article that shows how participants in a weight loss challenge actually lost about 5x more when they shared how they were doing (including selfies of their progress!)

Like mom always said, sharing is fun!


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Coach Nancy - June 22, 2015

This has been proven not just in a group setting and a professional study done with people we don’t know, but with people we know.

The more people we tell of our goals, the more likely we are to attain them. Sharing is better!

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