The “take it with you” calorie control guide [Infographic]

There is no need to pull out the food scale and count calories all the time. This is easier.

By Dean Carlson (with a little help from his friends)

If you are like most people, you don't want to do math every time you eat. The good news is you don't have to when you learn how to use this handy calorie control guide. It's a lot more practical than carrying a food scale everywhere!

It's one thing to know what to eat. Most of us know we need less twinkies, more veggies. 

But it's another thing altogether to know how much to eat. Because no matter what your goal is; lose bodyfat, gain muscle, or even both, portion control matters. 

And the dirty little secret about counting calories is out - research shows it can be up to 25% inaccurate, up or down. That is an enormous difference than can really frustrate even the best mathematician.

So let's do this instead.

Download this printable guide and post it in your kitchen.

So much simpler!

Click here for a fully printable version of this infographic. Keep a copy in your kitchen and another at the office for easy reference during every meal.

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