Thank-You and You’re Welcome

thankyouMost people seem to be able to say “Thank-You” easier than they say “You’re Welcome”.

I was reared to say “Please” and “Thank-You” and “You’re Welcome”, and I still think it matters.

When someone says “Thank-You” they are recognizing the value that you added to their lives. Could be the barista at the coffee shop, or the clerk at the department store, or the teller at the bank. But I truly appreciate that those can be challenging jobs – dealing with people usually is. 🙂

So unless they are just outright rude I make it a point of expressing gratitude. Yeah, I know it is what they are paid to do, but so what? Being a nice human being really doesn’t take a whole lot more effort than being a nasty one, now does it?

Now maybe my way of thinking is old fashioned, but a “Thank-You” demands a “You’re Welcome” in return.

Not a “no problem” or “you got it” or  “no worries”.

I know linguists (especially ones younger than me) may disagree, but  “You’re Welcome” conveys respect and gratitude in return.

I wasn’t thinking I was causing a problem or worried about it, so the other replies seem a bit insignificant and trite.

When you tell me “Thank-You” you are telling me I am worth something, that I have something to offer in this life, that I in some small way I made a positive impact on your life.

“You’re welcome” is an acknowledgement of your kindness and thoughtfulness.

And there is a big shortage of kindness and thoughtfulness in this world.

Random thoughts from a lunatic over.

You’re Welcome. 🙂




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