Thankful Tuesday

Are you willing to share yours in the comments below? Let’s life each other and our community here up!

I am thankful for:

  1. My kids upstairs playing
  2. My kids fighting while playing 🙂
  3. A good cup of coffee
  4. A good nights sleep
  5. This blog, because I get to share my story, and some of y’all actually read it!


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Coach Dean

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Theresa A Fortinmadore - November 17, 2015

1.Our Blessed Mother
2.God’s only begotten Son , Jesus
3.My family and friends
3.The good people at Getfit NH
4.Our first and second amendment rights.
5.Pumpkin pie.

Julie - November 17, 2015

My thankful Tuesday list
•my family’s love
•my friends
•having the best co-workers
•my kids still wanting to play with me

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