Thankful Tuesday

dreamstime_xs_25552678An Attitude of Gratitude.

Is it really possible to have that ALL the time?

I think it is a skill to develop. I have to practice gratitude – it doesn’t always come naturally.

But it’s worth it.

My 5 Things Right Now:

  1. I had a wonderful day with my best friend Sunday, just hanging out. Too rare.
  2. Ran into a friend and his wife I hadn’t seen in awhile. Those kind of surprises are fun.
  3. It snowed late last week so my kids had snow for snow camp. That made them very happy.
  4. Made breakfast for the kids this morning, and they actually liked it!
  5. I am truly grateful for you reading this. Will you share at least one thing with me?
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Ronald Weilnau - February 9, 2016

1) Grateful for the beauty on fresh snow.
2) Grateful that we did not get too much snow, so I did not have to clear the driveway before work.
3) Grateful for the Concord and State plow drivers that do a great job on the roads I travel.
4) Grateful for clear sunny skies this morning.
5) Grateful that you write and share through this site.

Coach Dean - February 9, 2016

Thank-you Ronald.

Coach Nancy - February 9, 2016

I am grateful that my hubby loves me way more than I know. It’s overflowing and that makes me very happy.
I am grateful for wood stoves. I love that heat.
I am grateful for waking up this morning. That is always a very good thing.

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