Thankful Tuesday: A Lesson in Stressin’

coffeeIt had consumed my thoughts for quite a long time.

A challenge I was having and I didn’t know quite how to solve.

So I fretted, and stressed, and didn’t sleep.

Always thinking about the worst possible outcome, rather than look to solve the problem.

Even praying about it couldn’t save me from myself. So little faith.

So what happened?

It resolved itself, with no direct action from me.

All the negative energy I put into it looks pretty silly now.

Ever had that happen?

So on this Thankful Tuesday I am grateful for one thing.

That I am still being taught valuable lessons about life, how most of the time in my life true crisis is in my own head, and that sometimes despite my best effort, things are never as bad as they seem.

That counts as one, right? 🙂


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