Thankful Tuesday Birthday Edition

IMG_3175We celebrated two birthdays last weekend as my daughter-in-law Deb and granddaughter(!!!) Alexis were up visiting along with my son Tim. We got some really great pics of Lexi thoroughly enjoying her birthday cupcake – I had never quite seen one eaten the way she did it! Deb didn’t get into hers in quite the same way. 🙂

My gratitude this weekend is simply for the joy of spending time with family. My mom, dad, sister and most of their families were there. It reminds me that I need to slow down more often and enjoy life for what it is. What’s the point of running through life as if your hair is on fire all the time? Enjoying the journey, not just focusing on the ever changing destination, needs to happen more often in my own life.

What do you need to slow down and express gratitude for today?



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