Thankful Tuesday: Kindness, Care, and Impact

Impact (1)I was reminded last week how small gestures, out of kindness, care and compassion can have a huge impact.

Once in awhile instead of email, I actually get out pen and paper and write a note, on actual paper and everything. 🙂

I wrote such a note awhile ago to a student who was having some family challenge. I won’t go into details to protect confidentiality, but in the note I encouraged her to make sure she and her husband were on the same page. A simple note just trying to share the experience of nearly 30 years of marriage at the time.

Fast forward to last week. She quietly approached me to thank me for the note, and shared that for reasons x.y.z it played a part in saving her marriage.


A little note.

10 minutes.

Huge Impact.

I am grateful that for once I set aside some much less important stuff to do the what really mattered.

Where can you make impact today?

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