Thankful Tuesday – Who Is In?

IMG_3115Aren’t you glad Tuesday’s come around every week? 🙂

Here’s my “Five”:

  1. My youngest Amy turned nine on Monday. Unbelievable! So grateful to have this happy little girl in my life.
  2. Sad that my friend and Pastor, Brian Fuller, is moving on, but glad for the last 17 years of knowing him.
  3. This time of year I love wood fires – especially the wood stove.
  4. My buddy Danno got us Celtics tickets – even though they lose every time I go (true story)
  5. My sister Deb and husband Ed had the kids up for the weekend. Grateful for the time they spend with cousins and the weekend Nancy and I got to spend together (that’s counts as 1, right?)

What about you? What are you grateful for today?

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Jennifer - January 5, 2016

My Grateful Tuesday includes:
1) Tuesdays! This day of the week is so much better than Mondays – a perfect day to be productive and it always has been.
2) I was born on a Tuesday so it is always a little more special to me. What day of the week were you born on?
3) Grateful my headache has dwindled to near non-existent. I had a nasty migraine last week that left me foggy and woozy for days. Everyday better is wonderful.
4) Grateful for the knowledge I have learned at Get Fit NH. While I couldn’t train after my migraine, I could do some simple, low impact exercises to keep me moving.
5) Grateful I am getting back to training today – a perfect Tuesday.

Coach Dean - January 9, 2016

Nice 5 Jennifer!

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