The Master Habit

groundhogdayCoach Dan John thinks “Showing Up” is the master habit. Couldn’t agree more.

Not when it’s convenient, not when you feel like it, not when you don’t have something better to do.


Remember the film “Groundhog Day” when Bill Murray’s character kept living the same day over and over, and every day he did something better, until he finally got it “right”? That movie was about the Power Of Habit as much as anything else.

Here is an excerpt from a great article from Chelsea Handler on that subject:

“Later in life, my habit for reliability bled into my stand-up vocation. I kept showing up. When there were only two people in the audience at the Comedy Store at the 9 p.m. show, I showed up and did 10 minutes of material every time I got the 9 p.m. slot. (It turns out that if you can make two people laugh, then you can make two thousand people laugh).

I used to walk into coffee houses that held “open mic” nights and absolutely dreaded making a fool out of myself in front of people who were only there to write screenplays and drink coffee. I hated doing stand-up in the beginning. I couldn’t wait for a set to be canceled because no one showed, but after getting cold feet many times, I made an agreement with myself that I would show up, get up, and do my set, no matter what the circumstance.

Once I showed up enough times, it became my reality; it was no longer an option to not show up. I now practice “showing up” with everything I do. It has permeated every facet of my life. Whether it’s wanting to cancel a workout, a friend’s party, a public appearance, my family in New Jersey. Whatever it is, when I commit, I show up.”

Once I showed up enough times, it became my reality; it was no longer an option to not show up.


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