The (NON) Magic of New Years Day

December is truly a crazy time of year. At work we have end of year stuff that has hard deadlines. Our kids have school activities and parties we bake for. We are expected to attend our spouses parties where they work. All that shopping to do. Family is coming in for the holidays. Who has time to train or think about eating healthy now? I’ll just wait until January 1st and start all over.

I have some news for you.

January 1st is on a Friday. Plus there are New Year’s parties happening all week long. So you will talk yourself into starting on Monday; it’s close enough. Except that because last week was a short week I really have a lot to catch up the first couple days back, and it really doesn’t make sense to start later in the week does it?

You don’t think I am making all that up do you? Dude (or dudette) that was ME, for YEARS.

You see habits don’t have a start date, do they? We are not going to magically stop doing the things we have been doing for years because a day on a calendar rolls around. Habits are formed one small step at a time. We talk about breaking habits, when what we should talk about is replacing habits.

  • How do we replace sleeping in with getting up and going to the gym?
  • How do replace eating drive-thru instead of having something at the crock pot at home?
  • How do we replace getting 6 hours of sleep a night with 7 or 8?

One teensy-weensy step at a time.

You and I don’t have forever on this earth. We owe it to ourselves to make every day count. December 10th is just as good a day to start as any other. In fact it’s better, because it’s today, and today is always the day to start.

So what one small step can you take today to get better?

Here’s a suggestion for you.

Get on the waiting list for our next Essentials Nutrition 10-Week Habit Course. You just missed out on the last one, so now is the time to take the teensy-weensy step of raising your hand and saying “I want and need some help”.

Nobody is going to come busting down your door and making demands.

But we do want to know if we can help you start taking those small steps.

Don’t wait for January 1st (or 4th)

Simply enter your name and email below and we will do the rest.

One teensy-weensy step at a time!

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