The Power Of “One At A Time”

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Katie’s Stunt Double

A few of our clients have had babies recently, and occasionally one of them comes to visit me in the gym, which I love.

I was thinking about watching how Katie is working on her “upper body rolling”, working on flipping over from her back to her front. Once she can do that she will slowly learn to crawl, then stand, then walk, then run. And there was stuff going on in her development even before that. Lifting her head and being able to hold it up, for example.

So many steps that we as adults don’t even think about and take for granted. Progressively learned and struggled through until they become second nature.

That’s what forming Habits is all about.

We don’t try to run, to make a hundred different systems work at once, until we first learn how to hold our head up, right?

Katie isn’t trying to do everything at once, and neither should we. It’s too hard to focus on all the things we think we have to do in order to drop bodyfat.

That’s the power of “One At A Time”.

Find the “One Thing” that will help you the most, and get really, really good at that.

Then find the next “One Thing”.

Too simple you think?

Try running without being able to walk, or stand, or crawl, or hold your head off the ground.

Ask Katie, she knows! 🙂


P.S. Learn more about the Power Of One HERE

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