True Admission Time

True admission: I am an emotional eater! When I am stressed and alone (that being key) I can binge eat with the best of them.

How do I know I am binge eating and not eating for health?

It’s not purposeful eating. It’s not a meal time (usually). I often eat quickly. I'm alone. And I sneak the food. I eat TOO much. And my choices are all in the sweets category (I don't binge on carrots. LOL).

How can you learn to fight against binge eating?

I am learning to back up time a bit. It’s hard at times to stop the mindless binge or emotional eating because you don't catch yourself until after the fact. But I can replay the day in mind. I back up the day until I find the one thing that stressed me beyond what I felt I could handle.

All kinds of things cause stress for me. It could be as easy as not sleeping well and then having it snow, heavy snow and rain and I get a bit aggravated at how exhausted it makes me feel. Sometimes it could be a bit harder to do the detective work to find the straw that broke my camel's back, so to speak.

But once I find the triggers or points of interest, I can start to look for them on different days. I know my own 'red flags' so I can spot them before they become issues. At least that is the goal.

My emotional closet eating has become less and less (not totally obsolete) because I am looking for those signals from my body. They are like caution signs on the side of the road.

Next time you have one of those moments or days, back up time. Rewind the film so you can replay the scene. Look for your triggers, that one more thing, the caution sign, and look to avoid the end result.

To Your Best Health,
Coach Nancy

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