What is your “Catalyst for Change”?

My partners over at Fitness Revolution (the reason I am in Kentucky a lot) tell what they are all about with this simple sentence…

“Fitness Is A Catalyst For Change.”

They know that being healthy and fit really does change lives.

That got me thinking about why we change.

What drives us to stop doing what we have been doing, turn around, and go completely the other way?

My journey from “fat to fit” begin with when my son Derek died.

That was a really big catalyst.

But I don’t think huge events or even tragedies in our lives are necessary.

Fitness Revolution knows that taking action, in this case pursuing fitness, will start creating the change we are looking for.

When we stop thinking about changing, planning to change, or maybe even convincing ourselves we can’t change and just start doing something, a funny thing happens.

We change.


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