What’s Wrong With Monday?

mountain peakUsually I am.

And maybe you are too.

Truth be known Mondays are a great day too.

Another day for you to share your gift with the world.

Yet we seem to approach every Monday morning like it’s a burden instead of the opportunity it really is.

Maybe we are just spoiled.

Most of us reading this get to moan about Mondays because we get Sunday (and maybe even Saturday) off, right?

If you worked all day Sunday too would you be happier about Monday?

Didn’t think so. 🙂

So how about we make every day count?

Especially today.


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Coach Dean

Former Fat Boy Turned Health and Fitness Junkie. Award Winning Fitness Business Owner and Trainer. World Class Nutrition Coach. Truth Teller. Scholar. Opinionated. Humble and Willing To Tell You About It. Tell Dean He Is Full Of It On Any Of His Social Media Profiles. He Will Probably Agree.

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