Yes and No

I can’t remember from whom I first heard it, but this axiom has stuck with me ever since.

“Saying ‘Yes’ to something means saying ‘no’ to something else.”

Saying ‘Yes’ to being on another board means saying ‘No’ to that evening with my wife.

Saying ‘Yes’ to that early morning political meeting means saying ‘No’ to breakfast with my girls.

Saying ‘Yes’ to taking another training course means saying ‘No’ to some needed down time.

Saying ‘Yes’ to hitting the snooze button (again) means saying ‘No’ to a much needed workout.

Saying ‘Yes’ to a glass of wine every night means saying ‘No’ to optimal fat loss.

Are any of those ‘Yes’ answers “wrong”?

It’s not a matter of right and wrong, it’s often a matter of better and best.

Can it can be flipped around too?

Does saying ‘Yes’ to more fruits and veggies mean saying ‘No’ to filling up with more bread and pasta?

Does saying ‘Yes’ to getting to training mean saying ‘No’ to the effects of disease and aging?

Does saying ‘Yes’ to talking a walk with your wife and kids mean saying ‘No’ to sitting on the couch (like I did for so many years) and staying fat and lazy?

Yes, or No?


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