Your BUT is Too Big! And How to Change It.

While driving in the car recently with Dean, he told me; "Your BUT is too big." Of course I was hearing it and not reading his words so I sat quietly for a minute stewing. 

Nancy Carlson 
Coaching Queen

After I realized he wasn't talking about my physical appearance but rather my reasoning behind my lack of action on a project, I calmed down just a bit. You see I was working diligently trying to get this monster project done and struggling. Have you ever been in that position? 

You see I kept feeling like I was stuck. That I had hit a point that I couldn't get over. As we talked about it, Dean kept hearing over and over...... "BUT this and BUT that."​ He heard all the reasons I couldn't get it done. 

My BUT was too big.

Instead of agreeing with me. He helped me to see that I could reduce the size of my BUT. (please realize this is a metaphor for my reasons, my excuses, my sticking points.)

We broke it down to smaller more manageable size pieces.

What does this mean to you?

Have you caught yourself saying: 

  • "I wish I could lose weight BUT........"​ 
  • "I'd love to plan out my meals BUT......."
  • "I can eat healthy most of the time BUT on weekends or at work or while on vacation or when I am visiting the in - laws"
  • "I want to drink more water BUT......"

Your BUT is too big. Try breaking it down into more manageable doses. 

  • I can lose weight by eating 3 satisfying meals when I am hungry.
  • I can plan my dinner meals Monday - Friday. I'll let Saturday and Sunday be for right now until I can tackle them. 
  • I can eat healthy through the week but I can also have a healthy breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. At some point I'll work on the rest of the meals but for now I'm content knowing I'm moving forward. 
  • I can drink more water when I am at work by leaving a water bottle on my desk as a constant reminder. 

Instead of changing your whole world right now. Take a small piece. Work on that until you have a good handle on it. Then take a bit more piece of that world to work on. Those small pieces done well, will become a habit faster by working at them little chunks at a time. 

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

About the author

Coach Nancy

Nancy Carlson is a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer with the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association, a Level 1 Youth Conditioning Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association, and is a Level 2 Certified Precision Nutrition Master coach. Nancy was recognized in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 as the “Best of the Best” Fitness Trainer in Southern NH by the Hippo Press.

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